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Which two diagnostic tests can be included in an ongoing diagnostics test policy that is applied to a linecard? (Choose two.)

A.    internal connectivity
B.    ASIC
C.    CPU
D.    system memory
E.    peripherals

Answer: BE

Which statement about the authentication of API calls via the REST API of the Cisco APIC is true?

A.    The refreshTimeoutSeconds attribute returned in the response upon a successful login indicates the session timeout period.
B.    The API call aaa Refresh sent as a POST message with no message body resets the session timer.
C.    After you are logged in the API call aaaListDomains sent as a GET message returns a list of valid AAA login domains.
D.    By default you must include a challenge token in every API command and query; the API returns a token string in response to a successful login request.

Answer: A

Which option describes what happens when a virtual machine moves from one leaf to another?

A.    The new leaf generates a GARP packet to the original source leaf.
B.    Packets inbound to the ACI fabric are tagged with a VXLAN header, which facilitates moves and identifies the endpoint location.
C.    The original source leaf installs a bounce entry to redirect traffic to the new VTEP destination until learning occurs on remaining leaf nodes.
D.    The new leaf generates a GARP packet to the spine, which then updates the distributed mapping database across the fabric.

Answer: C

What is the default MTU size for ACI fabric ports?

A.    9000 bytes
B.    9216 bytes
C.    1600 bytes
D.    1500 bytes
E.    2158 bytes

Answer: B

Which management information tree component provides the ability to query by group of objects based on specific criteria?

A.    class
B.    distinguished name
C.    managed object
D.    grouping

Answer: A

Which filter must be enabled in the Cisco APIC API Inspector to view API calls?

A.    trace
B.    warn
C.    info
D.    error
E.    debug
F.    fatal

Answer: E

When you build a contract, which action is used to pass traffic through a service graph for Layer 4 to Layer 7 service integration?

A.    permit
B.    deny
C.    redirect
D.    log
E.    copy
F.    mark

Answer: C

When you observe a distinguished name in the management information tree, which option represents the root of the object tree?

A.    root
B.    base
C.    api
D.    uni

Answer: D

When you are logged into the Cisco APIC console as the "admin" user, which command displays all nodes that are registered to the fabric?

A.    acidiag avread
B.    acishow fabric
C.    acidiag fnvread
D.    acishow nodelist

Answer: C

Which command in the CLI of a leaf displays the status of vPC that has been enabeld on this switch?

A.    show vpc
B.    show explicit-protection-group
C.    show protection domain
D.    show vpc-domain

Answer: A

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