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When you build a contract, which three attributes are valid within the "filter" definition? (Choose three.)

A.    TCP sequence check
B.    source IP address
C.    source port
D.    destination IP address
E.    destination port
F.    protocol

Answer: CEF

When you configure a bridge domain, which option describes the default setting for flooding behavior?

A.    Unknown unicast flooding is disabled, and ARP flooding is disabled.
B.    Unknown unicast flooding is enabled, and ARP flooding is disabled.
C.    Unknown unicast flooding is disabled, and ARP flooding is enabled.
D.    Unknown unicast flooding is enabled, and ARP flooding is enabled.

Answer: A

To extend a Layer 2 domain outside the ACI fabric by extending the EPG, which option associates the physical port to the assigned EPG?

A.    port ID
B.    VLAN
C.    VTEP
D.    switch ID

Answer: B

Which description of the configuration of subnets is true?

A.    configured in a one-to-one fashion with bridge domains
B.    configured in a one-to-one fashion with EPGs
C.    configured in a many-to-one fashion with tenants
D.    configured in a one-to-one fashion with VLANs
E.    configured in a many-to-one fashion with bridge domains

Answer: E

Which statement about bridge domains is true?

A.    Bridge domains are configured to separate Layer 3 boundaries.
B.    Bridge domains are the equivalent of a VLAN or Layer 2 boundary that can contain one or more IP subnets.
C.    An endpoint group can exist in multiple bridge domains.
D.    Subnets can span two or more bridge domains.

Answer: B

Which option is the prerequisite for creating a bridge domain in Cisco APIC?

A.    service graph
B.    tenant
C.    context
D.    EPG

Answer: B

Your company security policy states that FTP traffic to web servers is never permitted. Which ACI construct can be used to ensure that FTP traffic is dropped even if a contract that permits FTP is applied to the web server EPG?

A.    filter
B.    taboo
C.    redirect
D.    application profile
E.    application entity profile

Answer: B

Which two statements about ACI contexts are true? (Choose two.)

A.    ACI contexts are equivalent to a VRF.
B.    ACI contexts are equivalent to a broadcast domain.
C.    All endpoints associated with a context must have a unique IP address.
D.    A tenant can contain only one context.
E.    Only one bridge domain can be associated with a context.
F.    Contexts can be shared across tenants.

Answer: AC

Which source can be specified as a SPAN source at the tenant level?

A.    port
B.    EPG
D.    EP
E.    VLAN

Answer: B

Which two options are valid fabric traceroute options? (Choose two.)

A.    EP-to-EP
B.    leaf-to-leaf
C.    port-to-port
D.    EPG-to-EPG
E.    AP-to-AP

Answer: AB

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