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Which two protocols are used within a Cisco onePK application when using an encrypted communications device? (Choose two.)

A.    SSHv2
B.    SNMPv3 authPriv
C.    Transport Layer Security
D.    Transparent Inter-process Communication
E.    MD5

Answer: CD

Which command shows the amount of input/output bytes used between an onePK application and the target device(s)?

A.    show onep status
B.    show onep statistics session all
C.    show onep history session all
D.    debug onep application session all
E.    show virtual-service detail

Answer: B

Which technology helps to determine the average UDP latency between two places in the network?

A.    show interface statistics
B.    NetFlow data
C.    Cisco Performance Routing
D.    Cisco IOS IP SLAs
E.    SSH
F.    show udp latency

Answer: D

Which two methods increase the overall network bandwidth for a web host? (Choose two.)

A.    Replace bandwidth with priority in CBWFQ configuration.
B.    Install additional vswitches on the host.
C.    Add additional NICs to the host LACP.
D.    Use policy-based routing on the source port of packets destined to the web server to
traverse a higher bandwidth link.
E.    Mark DSCP to an established HTTP queue with higher allocations.
F.    Use a low latency SLB.
G.    Add vCPUs to the virtual machine.

Answer: CE

Which two commands are needed to view load averages of a server to sample normal operation? (Choose two.)

A.    vmstat
B.    top
C.    ps
D.    uptime
E.    dstat
F.    iostat

Answer: BD

Which Cisco onePK SDK function prints user-friendly error messages?

A.    write_msg()
B.    sys.stdout()
C.    onep_strerror()
D.    onep_OK()
E.    onep_write_err()

Answer: C

You are responsible for deploying a Cisco onePK designed network infrastructure.
Which four options are Cisco recommended best practices when defining naming conventions? (Choose four).

A.    devices
B.    flows
C.    applications
D.    VLANs
E.    gateways
F.    variables
G.    functions

Answer: ABDE

A network administrator reports that a new OpenFlow-enabled switch fails to register to a controller.
Which three troubleshooting tasks can help to resume operations? (Choose three.)

A.    Verify that the controller is listening on port 6633 on localhost.
B.    Verify that the controller is listening on port 6633 on all addresses.
C.    Verify the JAVA_HOME Path.
D.    Verify that the firewall allows access to port 6633.
E.    Verify that TCP port 8080 is operational.
F.    Verify that the switch is multicasting on port 6633.

Answer: BDE

Refer to the exhibit. When an administrator starts XNC controller services, the console logs an exception error.
Which configuration file can the administrator update to change the default Catalina service connector port?

A.    xnc.conf
B.    tomcast-server.xml
C.    runone.sh
D.    csdnv1.conf
E.    Topo-cisco.py

Answer: B

Which four considerations are critical to achieve the full potential of the underlying IT infrastructure and to understand the environment an application is deployed in? (Choose four.)

A.    location of the servers and end nodes
B.    unlimited line capacities
C.    firewalls and security appliances deployed
D.    redundancy and HA
E.    no cost constraints
F.    network design

Answer: ACDF

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